Fiction Affliction

Welcome to Fiction Affliction!

Fiction Affliction is a site created for one main purpose - to provide band fanfiction writers with a place to post their stories. 

What makes FA so different from any other fanfiction site, you ask?

As bandfic writers, I'm sure you've all been in this predicament at least once or twice - You finish a great story, but unfortunately have nowhere to post it.

Yes, even though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fanfiction websites floating around the World Wide Web, so few of these sites allow band fiction. And unfortunately, the ones that do often have many rough restrictions that prevent you from submitting your story to, or ever becoming part of, their community.

Here at FA, we embrace these writers with open arms. No matter what kind of band fiction you write, you're welcome here. Do you write song fictions? Come right in and make yourself at home. Maybe you prefer to write Mary-Sue stories? Go ahead and post, there's a place for you as well! Crossovers, slash, anything else you can come up with, it's allowed here. 

Of course, in order to keep everything sane, there have got to be some rules. However, these rules are fairly simple to abide by, and are usually based on common sense, as uncommon as it may be these days. If you think you are capable of following them, then by all means, we'd love you to join and share your writing talents with us!

On behalf of all of us at FA, we hope you choose us as the host for your stories!